Lately I’ve been getting into Mosaics mainly because it’s something that I’ve always wanted to try plus I had most of the tools needed from my last post were I was doing a bit of home repairs.

I’ve been finding it a nice change of pace with the added benefit of family members being able to actually understand what I’m doing unlike with 3D models.

I made the two framed ones by myself and I pot was done with the help of my mum which was pretty fun.

I expect to make a few more in the future but I look forward to trying out some different things. I only just purchased Clip Studio Paint so maybe some drawing but I’m not cruel enough to subject people to that.

Bye bye!

Stuff and things!

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Fixing Things

A while ago Canberra suffered some pretty heavy hail. Worse I’ve seen, there was quite a bit of damage for some people.

My house was pelted pretty heavily and our polycarbonate roofing didn’t stand a chance.


To make things worse the insulation was soaking wet, a few of the skylight covers got cracked and the housings that were made out of particle board got wet and expanded by a whole 3 centimeters in some places.

For one reason or another when all the insurance claims went through we got a pay out for all the damage to the outdoor area but we had to find someone to fix it ourselves. So we got got a roofing company (Who won’t be named due to reasons that will soon be obvious) to come over, check out the damage and give us a quote for the repairs. So we get the quote and it’s $5,000. When we were like oh wow that’s a lot, he went on to say that they could do it for $4,000….. wat. The only thing included in the quote was just replacing the polycarbonate which is like $700 in supplies and two days of work. No thanks.

After all this time waiting on the insurance and being screwed around I decided that I was to do it myself, It’s not like I really had anything better to do anyway, anime can do without my viewership for a little while.

Anyways first off I needed to remove the roof. I tried doing this without gloves on… I cut myself a bunch… Edgy.

What a lovely day

Next up was to remove all the skylight housings. Took ages to finish, had to pull out a bunch of nails that were put there with a nail gun. Ended up with a whole bunch of trash I’m yet to bring to the tip.

This times 6

Now I had to remake the housings, problem was I had no idea what I was going to do, I couldn’t just leave it the way it was before, just replacing the particle board with solid wood, that would of been way too expensive and heavy. So I had to come up with my own design.

I was having trouble visualising what I was going to do so I made a 3D model and planned from there.


This isn’t anime

Then I started constructing the housings. I had to buy most of the tools and supplies like the wood and such. It was slow going as I’ve never done anything like this before.

What I ended up getting:

  • Wooden beams
  • Plywood
  • Wood for the edgings
  • Circular saw
  • Power drill
  • White wood primer
  • Drill bits
  • Screws
  • 2 Clamps
  • Measuring square
  • The new Baby Metal album
  • Polycarbonate roofing
  • Gap filler
  • Other things I can’t remember at the moment

Traditional masculinity

Then I drilled the roof back on and made sure to plaster up any small gaps where the skylight housings met the ceiling. All I need to do now is give everything a new coat of paint.

All done!… almost.

This was kinda different from usual so I hope it wasn’t super boring… well I had fun.

Anyways I wish you luck with anything and everything you’re trying to do!!! oxoxoxox <333

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Flight Helmet

I made a helmet for the character in the last post, I really didn’t like her hair so anything to cover it up.

It’s based on some Range Murata concept art from the anime Last Exile that I thought was super cool.

FlightHelmetBreakdown FlightHelm10

I spent a lot more time than usual on texture maps other than the defuse like the normal map and specular. 

As far as making the normal maps goes it’s all mesh. For instance the stitches you see around were all manually duplicated and placed around… a bit of a pain, I’m sure theirs a better way but I haven’t found it. 😛



It shouldn’t be very long for me to make a few more posts as I’ve really made a backlog of things I didn’t post, like more 3D models, dabbling in mosaics and what you could call carpentry of some sort.

I hope everyone is having a good time! Till next time!

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A slight diversion

First off I’m going to start this post with a little story.

Last week I was at an electronics store that sells all sorts of things. Anime being one of those things.

So anyway I happened to stumble across an anime that I’ve really wanted for some time. It whispering sweet nothings and empty promises into my ears was too much to bare and I decided that I must have it.

I had some reservations going up to the counter as it falls deep into the romance genre and I’m a massive coward.  So I traipsed up to the counter, shame in hand and passed it over to the rather attractive shop attendant which was promptly followed by a “Oh man I love this show”. At that very moment all my life choices past, present and future were validated and for a split second… I was truly happy. #AnimeWasAMistake

Well now after that uncomfortable incite into my personal failings… whats new in Global Melodrama this time?!

  • I’ve started working on some new graphic elements for the windows and user interface.
  • I added a context based system for dialog during battles. (A character will say things depending if they’re the aggressor/defender and if things are going well/poorly for them.)
  • Text in the dialog system will appear a letter at a time which will on click just print all the letters, like pretty much all visual novels.
  • I programmed in a diplomacy grid that keeps track of values that are shared between npcs like relationships.
  • Timed truces are now in. (This really makes the game feel better as the npcs before would attack every turn if they have the means to do so.)
  • A few other little things and fixes like when the player is losing gold their gold counter changes colour to red and when it’s positive it shows as green.
  • Moar bugs!!! (What is programming?! I don’t even.)

Some of the new window designs, I want most of them to have little unique stuff on their borders like the buildings tab.  As you can see it’s still all a work in progress but I like the direction.

I also spent some time working on a 3D head as it’s something I’ve haven’t done in a while. I was trying to base her on an actor that I like but that didn’t go to plan so I’m not going to say who it was.

Yup that’s a head.

I also tried my hand at some hair but I’m less than pleased with it, kinda looks like shitty sub PS2 quality hair.

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Npc on npc combat!

I mainly focused on programming this week, got a number of things done. It feels like I’ve got something half playable now.

So some of the new things that are in are:

  • Npcs now declare combat during their turns, this can be with other npcs or with the player. It’s pretty random at the moment, hopefully next week the npcs will take into account relationship and reputation levels.
  • A cool cannon courtesy of Scott that I’m planning to use to represent if cites are being attacked on the map. (You can find his blog here)
  • Global values, the things that are shared between the npcs and the player. Like the cost of units, their upkeep and the build times.
  • Rewrote the code for the player.
  • Added nicer progress bars for building factories and units.

The Cannon made by Scott, at the moment it’s not doing very much like most of the other things on the map, hopefully that will change soon.

I’m very cool with collaborating, game development is fun and more the merrier,  I’m doing the 3D art while trying to learn programming so I’m spread a little thin at the moment all help is appreciated.

Top on my list for next update is npcs picking enemies and friends which should make who npcs declare combat on less random.


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Textures for days

This week was pretty cool, got a bit of texturing done which always puts me into a good mood.

Anyways new things for Global Melodrama include:

  • 4 new seamless hand painted textures.
    • Stone path
    • floor tiles
    • dirt
    • grass.
  • A player information window which has stuff like your characters name, personality and other stats. I want to add the player’s 3 least and most liked npcs here as well.
  • A ‘it is now your turn’ popup window which informs you of important information like construction finishing.
  • Fancy new button for the new window.

The new textures in action!

I also recorded myself working on some textures and decided to cut it together. You can find that below.

The new “Player stats” window in action. I like the new button but I really need to pretty up these windows.

Next up I should be trying to get the game actually playable by having npcs able to declare combat on whomever they decide they dislike.

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Keeping it up

Since the last update I’ve been continuing working on my little project ‘Global Melodrama’. I’m really digging this whole Napoleonic setting.

As far as art changes go I’ve made a two storey variant of the small house I made a little while ago plus some other bits and pieces such as:

  • a new texture for the trees
  • a barrel
  • a fence
  • and a wall.

The two storey house I was working on. I want to redo the roof tiles as they look more like roof bricks than roof tiles.


A super work in progress scene where I stuck everything I made so far into the same shot, it looks a little bare without any ground textures so I’ll make sure to make them a high priority for next time.

Now on to programming, I’ve added a new things such as:

  • Each npc now has a relationship level with the player.
  • Npc’s now buy their own buildings and units.
  • Winning battles gives you reputation. (Which will effect the likelihood of being attacked by npcs.)
  • Basic personalities are in. (At the moment this changes characters starting relationships and their ratio of units to buildings.)
  • First battle animation in. (If the player character fails a combat roll the character sprite will shake like you would see in most rpgs that use sprites and the sprites of the mouth and eyes change during the length of the animation).

The different character animation states that are used at the moment, hopefully you can tell which is the default, blinking and losing combat.


Anyways! Wish you all the best, till next time. Thanks!

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